I'm using reledmac to edit Hebrew texts. As the texts themselves are written right-to-left, I also want my apparatuses to behave that way. For the annotations (\footnoteA) this works smoothely out-of-the-box.

The apparatus containing the textual variants behaves inconsistently - it is neither completely RTL nor LTR. Instead, the lines are ordered LTR, while the entries are displayed as desired as RTL.

Below, you can find an MWE. I use XeLaTeX.

What did I miss? How can I fix this?

  \pstart גם אני \edtext{מסכימה}{\lemma{מסכימה} \Afootnote{מסכים \emph{L}}} \edtext{אתך}{\lemma{אתך} \Afootnote{אתה \emph{L}}},
     \edtext{חביבי}{\lemma{חביבי} \Afootnote{חבר שלי \emph{L}}}
      \emph{והיתה לאו״ת ברית}\footnoteA{בראשית יז, יא}
      \emph{כאב את בן ירצה}\footnoteA{משלי ג, יב}
      \pend      \endnumbering 

Desired output:

  • there is many question about this topic. Did you look for example on tex.stackexchange.com/search?q=%5Breledmac%5D+rtl ? basically, all you need is to find the good "hook" to insert RTL switching macro. There are so many possibilities when dealing with RTL apparatus that is not easy to provide a "ready-to-use" solution. – Maïeul Jun 24 '20 at 17:24
  • I really have worked through many of the questions on the topic, but I can't wrap my head around the problem. – MaxM Jun 25 '20 at 7:35
  • Hum, could please send an example of what output you expect ? – Maïeul Jun 25 '20 at 13:08
  • as explained, it is very difficult to deal with RTL in reledmac, as each edition have its own rule when mixing content... I asked many time to reledmac user using RTL to produce a short memento about that, get many promisses, but never any answer. – Maïeul Jun 25 '20 at 13:10
  • 1
    WHat I get is drop.infini.fr/r/342DAE6gkx#lXhaiECdKncuPPWehf3I/… (with some corrections for the footnote rule), It seems it look like what you expect. – Maïeul Jun 26 '20 at 17:47

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