I have a tex file which \includegraphics an image in the same directory. If the file is run with texstudio the image is included.

If the same file is run in a process started from a program, the file is not found. It is found if the address is a full path, but not found with a relative path (relative to the tex file, like \includegraphics{DSC08138.JPG}. What can cause this?

lualatex is called with the arguments -interaction=nonstopmode --output-directory=dir1 filename.tex where dir1 is the directory in which the filename.tex and the image is stored.

The relevant part of the code is:

putIOwords ["writePDF2text 1 infn", showT infn]
let dir1 = getParentDir fnres :: FilePath
let out1 = "--output-directory=" <> (dir1)
putIOwords ["writePDF2text 2 out1", showT out1]
callIO $ Sys.callProcess
    [out1, "-interaction=nonstopmode", toFilePath infn]

Your program should be started from the directory where the filename.tex resides, or should perform cd (change directory) to that directory (variable dir1) before running lualatex (luatex has no "--input-directory" switch).

Sorry I don't recognize the code sample (Basic-ish?), so I can't show the exact fix at this time.

If it is "DOS" style batch scripting, then the cd command is what you want.

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    Thank you for the hint. I was under the assumption that the tex file is interpreted in the directory it is in, but - as you point out - it uses the current working directory. I have changed the (Haskell) code and it does indeed solve the problem.
    – user855443
    Jun 27 '20 at 13:25

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