I made the following table:

\multicolumn{2}{c}{A Information} \\ \toprule
Attribute & Meaning\\ \midrule
\\  \hline \\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{B Information}}\\ \toprule
\textbf{Attribute} & \textbf{Meaning}\\ \midrule
\\ \hline \\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{C}}\\ \toprule
\textbf{Attribute} & \textbf{Meaning}\\ \midrule
\\ \hline \\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{D}}\\ \toprule
\textbf{Attribute} & \textbf{Meaning}\\ \midrule

But I am getting the following error:

I expect to see \omit only after tab marks or the \cr of an alignment. Proceed, and I'll ignore this case.
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    You can't put \multicolumn after \scriptsize. \multicolumn must be at the beginning of a cell (syntactically). Jul 1, 2020 at 14:15
  • @F.Pantigny your suggestion resolved my problem. Kindly write it in an answer format so I could accept it. Thanks a lot! Jul 1, 2020 at 15:36

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A command \multicolumn must syntactically be at the beginning of the cell. It can't be preceded by a token such as \scriptsize. The reason is that \multicolumn is expanded in a list of tokens beginning by \omit and such an \omit (which means : omit the format of the column specified for the current cell) must always be syntactically at the beginning of the cell (hence the error message of TeX).

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