How to use callouts behind the text? enter image description here

  • This is possible with tikz, but the callouts are all symmetrical and do not look like the one you are showing as an example. Asymmetric cloud shape in TikZ – AndréC Jul 4 '20 at 9:05
  • Not exactly the design that you have asked for but maybe the todonotes package would be suitable for this purpose? – Marijn Jul 4 '20 at 15:45

Adapting this MWE (adapted from this Simple speech bubbles, arrows or balloon like shapes in beamer) and using the math enviroment \ensuremath

        \tikz[remember picture,baseline]{\node[anchor=base,inner sep=0,outer sep=0]%
        (#1) {{\ensuremath{#1}}};\node[overlay,cloud callout,callout relative pointer={(-0.7cm,-0.2cm)},%
        aspect=2.5,draw=green] at ($(#1.south)+(4.2cm,1cm)$) {\ensuremath{#2}};}%

\clouds{y'+xy=0}{\text{Being } \dfrac{y'}y=-x}

you can recreate your picture with the commands of LaTeX. To fixed the cloud you should to see the coordinates ($(#1.south)+(4.2cm,1cm)$) and callout relative pointer={(-0.7cm,-0.2cm)} for the correct positioning that it is depends from the type of equation or list of equations.


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