Could you please recommend how can i set PDFLatex Document font to Sylfaen for Georgian language.
Below is my current setup which doesn't work.
\documentclass [a4paper, georgian, 12pt]{article}

\renewcommand\rmdefault        {sylfaen}
\renewcommand\familydefault    {\rmdefault}

As it's an truetype font it would be easiest to use lulatex or xelatex I get this with lualatex

enter image description here

\documentclass [a4paper, georgian, 12pt]{article}


Გამარჯობა მსოფლიო

The first character is apparently not available in the font, the log warns:

Missing character: There is no Გ (U+1C92) in font [sylfaen.ttf]:mode=node;scri

oh script=latn is probably wrong, it may be better if I gave a better script tag.

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  • Thank you! Actually it works. The Missing character error is due to capitalization. The only question which i have now is about the letter tracking. I used \usepackage[letterspace=25]{microtype} Which seems not affecting anymore on this font. Any Idea how can it be fixed. Thanks in advance – ussrback Jul 4 at 18:38
  • fontspec can specify letterspacing directly to the font without microtype try adding ,LetterSpace=10 to the argument above – David Carlisle Jul 4 at 18:50
  • You can get the missing-character warning in the console, instead of silently logged, with \tracinglostchars=2. – Davislor Jul 5 at 5:24
  • In 2020, you also probably want Renderer=Harfbuzz instead of the raw feature. Or the default might work. – Davislor Jul 5 at 5:26
  • You would want to set the main font with something like \babelfont{rm}[Scale=1.0]{Sylfaen}, with additional options following Scale= as needed. This will set the correct OpenType script and language tags for the current language. – Davislor Jul 5 at 5:28

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