This is a follow-up to colorspace won't change colors in beamer where I'm getting issues with the colorspace package in beamer. Here's a MWE:


\definespotcolor{foo}{BarTone 555 GN}{.8,.2,.5,.3}

% Problem exists even without fix
% https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/552478/colorspace-wont-change-colors-in-beamer
%\def\spc@getref#1 #2\@@{\def\spc@ir{#1}} %changed \gdef to def

    \draw[gr] (0,0) -- (10,0);

I get the following error (I'm only showing the part that seems to have info):

Runaway argument?
picture bounding box\endcsname {rectangle} \expandafter \edef \csname \ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \spc@getref.
<inserted text> 
<*> tmp.tex
! Emergency stop.
<*> tmp.tex

I can't figure out what is happening. If I change foo to green for example, there is no error being generated. So it's only when I use a spotcolor that there is a problem.

I'm using the 2020 version of texlive and the latest 1.3 version of colorspace. Any thoughts?

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    well it is not my fix, it fails without it too. but beside this it is quite a mess ;-(. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 6 at 18:55
  • Yeah, I should remove your fix because it still causes the same problem without it ._. It seems like a mess for some reason. The weird part is that it used to work in 2018. So something changed in the last couple years that made it stop working =/ – Aram Papazian Jul 7 at 3:00
  • It doesn't work in texlive 2018 for me. I get the error mentioned here tex.stackexchange.com/a/385570/2388. And with article it doesn't error but it doesn't give the correct color either. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 7 at 7:56
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    It errors in 2017 and 2016 too. Also even if it not errorred, did it actually used spot colors? And why are you using spot colors for a presentation? – Ulrike Fischer Jul 7 at 12:07
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    If you don't print the document spot color are useless. The pdf viewer will use the rgb/cmyk fallback. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 8 at 13:01

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