Latex newbie here :)

I am currently working on my Thesis, which is written in Basque language. However, I would like to have the bibliography in English. This is the piece of code I am currently using:

\usepackage[style=phys, %
chaptertitle=false, pageranges=false,%
sorting=none, %
autolang=other %

Although the "References" section looks as expected, every time I make a citation with \cite{somereference} it places some weird spacing around the square brackets in the text:

Weird spacing example enter image description here

How could I fix this issue? Thank you very much, in advance :)


The following MWE reproduces the issue

  language=english, autolang=other]{biblatex}



[ 1 –4 ]

The problem is a missing % in basque.ldf. Currently (v1.0f, 2005/03/29), ll. 90-91 read


but that should be


with a % after the opening curly brace (see What is the use of percent signs (%) at the end of lines? (Why is my macro creating extra space?) for details about % at end of lines).

Contact the maintainer of babel-basque about this small oversight. If you want a short MWE for the bug report, you can use




If you need a solution now, you could create a local copy of basque.ldf and fix the issue there – or you could add


to your preamble. The \unskip counters the space that was introduced by the missing %, but this is only required and desirable in horizontal mode (in vertical mode the \unskip would get rid of vertical space that should probably remain as is).

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  • Thank you very much for your time and support!!!!!! Actually, I am writing it in overleaf.com so I probably do not have any access to the basque.ldf file. The last piece of code solved it perfectly though :) – BrainOverflow Jul 6 at 19:01
  • 1
    @BrainOverflow Glad the workaround helped. But please do get in touch with the maintainer and report this bug. – moewe Jul 6 at 19:03
  • Not sure where to fill the Bug report but I will look for it! Furthermore, I will definitively refer them to your answer as it seems to be sooo acurate, thank you very much once again! – BrainOverflow Jul 6 at 19:06
  • 1
    @BrainOverflow A good first step is to look at the CTAN package for the relevant package (ctan.org/pkg/babel-basque in this case) and check out the documentation or any readme file that may be listed there. – moewe Jul 6 at 19:10
  • Done! I reported the bug to Juanmari (the creator of the package) – BrainOverflow Jul 6 at 19:19

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