I have one question: which bibliography style should one use to get all references sorted APA-like, and with volume, issue, and doi (or URL, where a DOI does not exist; or nothing, where both DOI and URL do not exist). I tried the apalike style, and I do get the APA-like sorting, volume, and issue, but not the DOI nor URL. If I use plainnat, I get volume, issue, and DOI/ URL (with additional use of the DOI package), and a reasonable alphabetical sorting, but not strictly APA-like. I would be grateful if anyone could help with any suggestions on how to get APA-like sorting and all aforementioned bibtex (I use bibtex) fields?

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problem solved through the apacite package with the option [natbibapa] (to keep my previous \citep and \citet commands valid) and with the option to use the prefix https://doi.org/ according to latest APA guidelines, as in this example: using APA6 style with current DOI specifications

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