Is it possible to install/upgrade MikTeX without TeXworks?

I'm using other tex editor for LaTeX and I think that I don't need the TeXworks. I have uninstalled TeXworks using the MikTeX console, but when upgrading the package miktex-texworks-bin-x64-2.9 (version 0.6.5) is selected to be installed and with required state without possibility to unselect the package.

Second question: why the TeXworks package is required?

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    This the wrong place to ask this. Go to the miktex issue tracker. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 8 at 20:15
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    @faramir TeXworks binaries belong to MiKTeX's S (essential) set of packages/bundles. Therefore, upon every update, MiKTeX will check whether it is installed or not. I would say it is not required but "wanted to be present on purpose by MiKTeX's admins" (probably as every other binary). But what Ulrike suggested - there is an official communication channel for MiKTeX, you should ask there. – ivankokan Jul 9 at 12:11
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    Thank you for the suggestion. For interested people, the issue page is here: github.com/MiKTeX/miktex/issues/582 – faramir Jul 11 at 19:40

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