I have two columns in a beamer frame. The left column contains a list of items, and the right column contains an image.

Inserting the image in the right column changes the position of the text in the left column, however, I would expect the left column to not be affected by whatever happens in the right column.

The following MWE reproduces this example (comment and uncomment the \includegraphics line):


                    \item This is text

With the following outputs:

correct text positionwrong text position

Correct text position on the left, wrong position on the right.

According to the answer to Text alignment between columns this can be solved by using a top aligned frame. Unfortunately that didn't work here.

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Reading the beamer documentation on the columns environment, notice the option T that aligns the top of the first lines (instead of their baselines). From the manual:

T is similar to the t option, but T aligns the tops of the first lines while t aligns the so-called baselines of the first lines. If strange things seem to happen in conjunction with the t option (for example if a graphic suddenly “drops down” with the t option instead of “going up,”), try using this option instead.

Using \begin{columns}[T] instead of \begin{columns} then gives

enter image description here

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