I am using this thesis template: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/university-of-california-san-diego-ucsd-thesis-template/jkzzvcrbssfg

Page numbers are determine by \frontmatter. Page 1-3 have the number centered on the bottom but subsequent page numbers are on the top right. How can I change this? Here's the relevant part of the .cls file starting at line 603:

% FRONTMATTER environment
% The FRONTMATTER environment makes sure that page numbering is set
% correctly (roman, lower-case, starting at 3) for the front matter
% that follows the abstract.  It also resets page-numbering for
% the remainder of the dissertation (arabic, starting at 1).
% (WBB) At UCSD: put everything, including \titlepage,\copyrightpage,  
% \approvalpage in frontmatter.  
% Changed def. WBB to go with change in use of frontmatter.




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