I am trying to change the name of the Appendices. This is what I've done:


using the package appendices. My problem is that I need to change the name of appendix to Anexo (spanish for appendix), and also I need a page before all appendices with only the word Anexo.

How can I do that?


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Use \appendixpage to get a heading in the style of a \part; to change the name appearing in this heading you need to redefine \appendixpagename; to change the name used for the appendices, you need to redefine \appendixname. Here's a little example (I assumed that you are using babel with the spanish option):




\chapter{Anexo Uno}
\chapter{Anexo Dos}

  • To make it more clear, the negative number of rows is necessary to tell LaTeX the color extends to the 2 previous rows, so it must be adapted to an arbitrary number or combined rows, while placing the multirow command in the last of the combined rows. Am I right?
    – Andrestand
    Commented Jun 12, 2022 at 21:19

You could also use the Babel package by Johannes Braams. You just have to include it specifying the language your want to display in your document: spanish, russian, etc.


There's detailed information about it at CTAN and some more practical examples at Wikipedia.

I thought it was a good idea to point this out since it's a more practical way than having to redefine names all the time.


If you work with the appendix package and simply want to change the name to something else than Appendices, the one-liner solution is:


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