I am trying to generate two versions of my slides: one with the notes on the side, and one without any notes for sharing/distribution purposes. Some of my presentation slides have several note-pages. The problem is that when I hide the notes using \setbeameroption{hide notes}, I get a pdf that repeats the parent slide several times (equal to the number of note-pages I had originally).

My question is: is it possible to generate a pdf without note and no duplicated presentation slides?

Here is a MWE that replicates what I mentioned:

\setbeameroption{hide notes} % Both
%\setbeameroption{show notes on second screen=right} % Both
% Repeat slide title
\setbeamertemplate{note page}{%

\begin{frame}{Slide with several note pages is duplicated}
        \item There are too many things to say in this slide
        \item That is why I need several pages for notes
    % Notes
    \note<1>{Hello from note 1}
    \note<2>{Hello from note 2}


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It seems that the answer to this is very simple. Just add the option handout to the beamer class and that would remove duplicated slides, which ultimately, are created as overlays. This is,


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