With a main font of, say, TeX Gyre Termes, in a XeLaTeX document, I'm trying to find a suitable "x mark" character, namely, Unicode U+2718, from a different font (because the main font does not include that character).

How do I find out which OpenType fonts from TeXLive actually have that character?

(Obviously, the question generalizes to other individual Unicode characters.)

  • Many OpenType fonts available in TeXLive have the SIL Open Font License, and they can be found and previewed on Google Fonts. For example, Inconsolata has U+2713, U+2714, U+2717, U+2718, etc. – Ruixi Zhang Jul 11 at 2:34
  • @RuixiZhang But how do I find out which of those fonts do have those Unicode glyphs? (If I go to font.google.com and search for Inconsolata, I don't see where it would tell me about those characters in that font, or how I would discover that that font has those characters! – murray Jul 11 at 3:10
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    I normally use as first try fileformat.info: fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/2718/fontsupport.htm – Ulrike Fischer Jul 11 at 8:59
  • If you're on macOS, there is the free app UnicodeChecker that does what you want (for fonts installed system-wide). – egreg Jul 11 at 9:05
  • You can use otfinfo -g and search the output for its Adobe glyph name or something like uni1234. – Davislor Jul 11 at 9:38

You can open up any font in a character map and check.

If you want it to be scriptable, the command otfinfo -g will display a list of the glyphs in any given font. Typically, these are the Adobe font names or names like uni1234.

If you want to check whether a font you already loaded has it, check \iffontchar.

There are various websites where you can look it up for many common fonts, including fileformat.info.

Generally, XITS Math and STIX Two Math have a very comprehensive set of math symbols, and the Dejavu family have a very comprehensive set of text symbols. They’re a good place to look first.

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  • What helped, finally, was using both getinfo -g together with the UnicodeChecker app. And the only otf font I found with both a heavy checkmark and a heavy ballot x were LibertinusSerif-Regular.otf, LibertinusSerifDisplay-Regular.otf, and LibertinusMath-Regular.otf. – murray Jul 11 at 16:36

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