Is there a way to set up the bibliography so that bibstyle is a "superposition" of the phys and alphabetic styles? In particular, I would like to:

  • Have alphabetic codes, like [Doe98], pop up in front of the bib entry, as they do when bibstyle=alphabetic;
  • Set up the rest of the entry like it appears when bibstyle=phys, i.e. non-italicized journal name, boldface journal volume number, parenthetical date, etc.

I have ingenuously tried using both options style=phys and bibstyle=alphabetic when calling biblatex, but it didn't work as expected.


You can combine different styles by selecting them with bibstyle and citestyle, but in this case you additionally need to copy a few things from alphabetic.bbx in order to get alphabetic labels also in the bibliography. We also explicitly a sensible sorting for an alphabetic style (sorting=anyt,).


  bibstyle=phys, citestyle=alphabetic,






[SR98; Wor02; Gee85; Nus78]

  • Thank you, it works! I would upvote but for some reason the website does not let me (even though I have more than 15 rep)
    – giobrach
    Jul 13 '20 at 18:31

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