I want to write an algorithm in latex. But after compiling, it looks like that: enter image description here As it looks, keywords like "Input", "Initialize","while", "end while" and "Output" don't appear in bold, I wonder if there is something wrong and how I can correct it.

        \caption{Title of the Algorithm}
            \REQUIRE some words.  % this command shows "Input"
            \ENSURE ~\\           % this command shows "Initialized"
            some text goes here ... \\
            \WHILE {\emph{not converged}}
            \STATE ... \\  % line number at left side
            \RETURN this is the lat part.  % this command shows "Output"

Besides, I used a template from Internet, and its introduction is as follows. Thanks for your help!

\usepackage[left=2.50cm, right=2.50cm, top=2.50cm, bottom=2.50cm]{geometry} %页边距
\CTEXsetup[format={\Large\bfseries}]{section} %设置章标题居左
\setmainfont{STSong}   % 宋体
\usepackage{amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb} % math equations, symbols
\usepackage{color}      % color content
\usepackage{graphicx}   % import figures
\usepackage{url}        % hyperlinks
\usepackage{bm}         % bold type for equations
\renewcommand{\algorithmicrequire}{ \textbf{Input:}}     % use Input in the format of Algorithm  
\renewcommand{\algorithmicensure}{ \textbf{Initialize:}} % use Initialize in the format of Algorithm  
\renewcommand{\algorithmicreturn}{ \textbf{Output:}}     % use Output in the format of Algorithm  
\usepackage{fancyhdr} %设置页眉、页脚
\usepackage{hyperref} %bookmarks
\hypersetup{colorlinks, bookmarks, unicode} %unicode
\author{ 陈海硕}
\affil{ 统计学院 }
  • Have a look at the listings package. – susis strolch Jul 15 at 4:04
  • Hi and welcome. Please give a fully compilable code. – AndréC Jul 15 at 5:28

On the macOS 10.15, the warning says that the font TU/STSong(0)/b/n (font STSong bold) was unavailable (it doesn't exist) and that instead LaTeX used font TU/STSong(0)/m/n (font STSong).

Basically, you can't have bold (also italic) text with this set of fonts because this particular font doesn't exist.

Just delete the line \setmainfont{STSong} should resolve the issue or use another font that has both bold and italic shapes, e.g., Times New Roman.

enter image description here

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  • It works! Thank you! When I delete this line. The keywords appear in bold. – Hahashuo Jul 15 at 9:16

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