Just to be clear:

  1. Anything that goes beyond Kindergarten-level computering is going to whoosh straight over my head, so please, be gentle.

  2. I am a Macintosh/Apple user.

  3. I am essentially TeX illiterate, having adapted to using my beloved LyX's button- and menu-based interface, along with an array of hotkey commands.

So far, here is the method I have been using to insert images into my documents.


There is a file on my desktop called TakagiCurve.png.

In my LyX software, I go to Insert on the drop-down menu, select Graphics, select Browse on the pop-up that appears, and then choose TakagiCurve.png. I then adjust the size of the image in the document accordingly. Having done so, I use my cursor to highlight the image in the document, and then go to the Insert drop-down menu again and select Float and the Figure.

I should mention that if I put the TakagiCurve.png image file in a folder, LyX is unable to locate the image and I have to re-select the image using Browse in order to get it to display once more in LyX and on the PDF that LyX churns out for me.

To upload my paper to arXiv, I go to the File dropdown menu on LyX, select Export and then select LaTeX (pdflatex), which is the format that arXiv says I should use to upload the TeX code when images are present.

I then upload the TeX code file, along with the image file TakagiCurve.png. However, when I proceed to have arXiv begin its automatic processing feature, it terminates, reporting an error that the image TakagiCurve.png cannot be found:

! LaTeX Error: File `TakagiCurve' not found.

I have read arXiv's FAQ about common causes of this problem, and their explanations are completely over my head. I would very much appreciate help in learning how to upload papers with images in them; I assume that once I know how to do it for arXiv, I will be able to do it for pretty much any mathematical journal submission process. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.


I have tried submitting it with my image files, but with the TeX code uploaded as LaTeX (plain) rather than LateX (pdflatex). It still fails to process my document, giving the same error message as before:

​ ! LaTeX Error: File `TakagiCurve' not found.

Here is the relevant code from the plain LaTeX file exported by LyX:

A parabola occurs for $w=1/4$, a result of Archimedes. \begin{center}
\begin{figure} \begin{centering}
\includegraphics[scale=0.15]{TakagiCurve} \par\end{centering}
\caption{The blancmange curve $T_{1/2}\left(x\right)$ on
$\left[-1,1\right]$} \end{figure} \par\end{center}
  • Are you sure that on arxiv pdflatex is used and not latex? Jul 15, 2020 at 21:14
  • Yes. They say: "Your submission to the archive must be in one of the following formats (listed in order of preference): (La)TeX, AMS(La)TeX, PDFLaTeX PDF PostScript HTML with JPEG/PNG/GIF images" However, I will try using ordinary LaTex.
    – MCS
    Jul 15, 2020 at 23:24
  • @UlrikeFischer I tried it using LaTeX (plain), but it still produced an error. I have updated my post to include the error message produced by arXiv's processing software in this instance.
    – MCS
    Jul 15, 2020 at 23:34
  • 1
    \includegraphics[scale=0.15,Help]{TakagiCurve} -- the Help thing is wrong there. Jul 16, 2020 at 6:03
  • 1
    Open the tex file exported by lyx in some editor and try to find the code for the graphic so that you can show it. Jul 16, 2020 at 6:26

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You can't use PNG figure files in latex format so you must use pdflatex (latex requires postscript-type figures).

To produce a package that arXiv can understand you'll want to make use of the Export function under the File menu and select LaTeX (pdflatex). This will create a pdflatex version of the file in the same directory as your .lyx file. However, in LyX, it doesn't generate relative linking to your figure if it is not in a completely different file location than your .lyx file (i.e. it will place the full path to the figure file into its \includegraphics directive, which will fail in arXiv). So before you place the graphic into your document, you should make sure that it's on the same "relative path" as the .lyx file. So for example if you have your paper in a folder called "Paper", all your graphics should be under that same directory. This might look something like:


So then when you export your project it will create the Myfile.tex that you can upload to arXiv along with figure.png.

Lastly, if you're having an issue specific to an arXiv submission, your best bet is to contact arXiv help with your specific submit-id, and then one of the admins can assist you with your specific example. Based on your description, I suspect that the issue is that your source is using the full path to the file (something like /Users/[myName]/Desktop/TakagiCurve.png).

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