Do you know of any drag-and-drop tool to draw probabilistic graphical models? I don't want to write code and use the usual trial-and-error approach to draw correctly the graphical models and place well the letters, arrows, circles, or surrounding boxes. Is there a tool that was specifically created to draw PGMs that knows how to draw them well and allows us to manipulate them visually and export them as tikzpicture or images (png, jpg or pdf).

I have already looked at this post, but those solutions either do not provide a drag-and-drop tool or the generation of the graphical models doesn't look like I want. I want them to look similar to the graphical model in figure 1 of the VAE paper.


For some reason, I missed one of the answers in the linked post that suggests a tool similar to what I was looking for, although it doesn't provide the ability to drag-and-drop the objects of the graphical model, i.e. https://github.com/jluttine/tikz-bayesnet, but it should be good enough because it was specifically created to draw and generate PGMs.

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