I was looking for a way to indicate the point in a molecule where a rotation around a bond would occur. I found some, but I didn't know if they would work on CHEMFIG.

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    Jul 19, 2020 at 7:34

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So I had an inspiration, and I created a way to do this in CHEMFIG, and it's easy, you don't need to create new commands.

Just create a brand on a bond, and use that brand as the starting and ending point of a arrow. An adjustment in the exit and arrival angles of the arrow creates the desired circular shape.

No new packages, no new commands, no new tools


\documentclass[margin={12mm 12mm}]{standalone}












\chemmove{\draw[red, shorten <=4pt,shorten >=4pt](a).. controls +(80:16mm) and +(280:16mm)..(a);

    \draw[red,shorten <=4pt,shorten >=4pt](b).. controls +(130:16mm) and +(330:16mm)..(b);

    \draw[red,shorten <=4pt,shorten >=4pt](c).. controls +(170:14mm) and +(10:14mm)..(c);


%================================================ enter image description here

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