Normally \tcblistof works fine, but not with the tufte-book class and I cannot figure out why. Here is a MWE.

% \documentclass{book} % this works
\newtcbtheorem[auto counter,number within=chapter,list inside=thm]{theo}{Theorem}{}{}

    \tcblistof[\chapter*]{thm}{List of Theorems}
    \chapter{Chapter No1}
    \begin{theo}{Theorem No1}{}

Using the book class works as expected. What do I have to change for tufte-book?


OP has already found a solution in this answer. Here I'd like to provide some general discussions.

tufte-book class contains lines

% Only show the chapter titles in the table of contents

and since tcolorbox defines \l@tcolorbox as level 1 by


therefore \tcblistof[\chapter*]{thm}{List of Theorems} produces nothing but a list title.

Locally using \setcounter{tocdepth}{1} is a workaround, but the produced list entries may not share the same style with list of figures and tables. Currently entries in these two list are defined as

  % #1 is the figure/table number and its caption text
  % #2 is the page number on which the figure/table appears
  \leftskip 0.0em
  \rightskip 0em
  \parfillskip 0em plus 1fil
  \parindent 0.0em
  \@tempdima 2.0em
  \null\nobreak\hskip -\leftskip


Hence OP's answer \let\l@tcolorbox\l@figure is a good idea.

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It seems to work if I add

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