In this thread we learned how to create our own math symbol. Now the question is how we force it to scale appropriately when used in sub- or superscript:

See the following example:

\documentclass[12pt]{article}%, border=2pt]{standalone}



\caption{$\triangleLeft_{x}$ test}


As we see in the result. The image is equally big in the subscript but it should be scaled down a little bit.

Do you have any ideas how I can fix this?

Kind regards and Thanks, Max


The features of scalerel can accomplish this.

\documentclass[12pt]{article}%, border=2pt]{standalone}
\usepackage{stackengine, amsfonts,scalerel} %

 $ \rightharpoontriangle_{\!x}\quad\leftharpoontriangle_{\!x}$

 $ x_{\rightharpoontriangle}\quad x_{\leftharpoontriangle}$

 $ y_{ x_{\rightharpoontriangle}\quad x_{\leftharpoontriangle}}$

enter image description here

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