I know this questions has been asked before but the proposed solutions did not work in my case. This is, the bibliography style is different from what I would like to have.

In my text I cite mostly myself with citation numbers such as (1), (2), (3) etc. However, these numbers are not in order in my text as I customized the order in my bibliography according to my needs.

Now, everything works perfectly except that in the references the titles of the papers should be first and then the authors. I am not using biblatex and use \bibliographystyle{plain}. Any idea how I can have the titles in my references first?

  • This would involve editing a copy of plain.bst. Unfortunately, you'll have to change quite a number of functions (one for each entry type) and the language of the .bst files is not particularly intuitive. – moewe Jul 22 at 15:57
  • To order citation numbers instead of references alphabetically is just use plunsrt (plain unsorted) instead of plain The titles before the authors is a very unusual format. I cannot remember any bibtex style doing this, but it is possible with biblatex without make a .bst file. – Fran Jul 27 at 7:26

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