I need to graph the function f(s)=\frac{s^3+7s^2+9s-128} {s^2+15s+24} ,where s greater than zero, please help me...

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This can be done using the package tikz. The following code shows how you can draw (any) graph using this package.




  \draw [gray,dotted] (0,-6) grid (10,7) ;
  \draw[->,>=latex] (0,0) -- (10,0) node[below]{$s$} ;
  \draw[->,>=latex] (0,-6) -- (0,7) node[left]{$f(s)$} ;

  \draw [domain=0:10,samples=200] plot (\x,{(\x^3+7*(\x)^2+9*\x-128)/((\x)^2+15*\x+24}) ;


This graph is drawn in the domain [0,10] with 200 samples. This can be adjusted according to what domain you want use and how smooth you want the curve to be.

  • Thanks, it helps @G. de Man
    Jul 24, 2020 at 7:15

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