I am adding caption in the table of the document:


I am writing over the template of the IJBC template. The issue here is that when I add the caption to the table at line 279, the caption is not displayed.

How could I fix this?

The structure of the main code is

\usepackage{ws-rotating}     % used only when sideways tables/figures are used
\usepackage[colorinlistoftodos]{todonotes}%aÑADIR COMENTARIOS


\catchline{}{}{}{}{} % Publisher's Area please ignore

\markboth{Author's Name}{Paper Title}

\title{Encovering governing equation from temporal observation}

\caption{here I have the first caption}
\label{Table 1}
W11 & W12  & W13 & W21  & W22 & W23 & W31 & W32   & W33 & a1 & b1   & c1 & a2    & b2 & c2 \\ \hline
0   & 5.75 & -9  & 9.96 & 0   & 8   & 8   & -1.39 & 0   & 0  & 0.01 & 0  & -0.01 & 89 & 0  \\ \hline


I tried your MWE, and after ignoring a couple of reported errors, the very wide table was produced with a caption.

Were you expecting a List of Tables which would also show the caption? If so, add \listoftables at the appropriate place after your \begin{document}.

  • I can obtain also the captions of the table, but only if I ignore the commands that include the IJBC template. I suppose that this is what you mean when you say that you "ignore a couple of reported errors". The problem is that I can not ignore the commands of the IJBC, for example, I can not ignore "\documentclass{ws-ijbc} ", or "\usepackage{ws-rotating}" . That is why I also sent the link of my work where you can check the additional .tex archives of the IJBC template. – JuanMuñoz Jul 26 '20 at 18:30
  • @JuanMuñoz After spending a lot of time getting the ws-rotating package onto my system processing your MWE produces an output with captions but with a warning about destination with the same identifier (name{table.1}) has been used. Your MWE does not use \documentclass{ws-libc}. I think that I will leave it all up to you. --- GOM – Peter Wilson Jul 27 '20 at 16:57
  • Thanks, so you are saying that you were able to display the caption with ws-rotating package but without \documentclass{ws-libc}? I think I found a solution when using \documentclass{ws-libc}. Changing the syntax for the captions (answer posted) hope for vote up – JuanMuñoz Jul 30 '20 at 7:36

I found a solution: The ws-ijbc document class has a different syntax for typesetting tables and captions. You need to use this syntax:

\tbl{Here I have the first caption}{

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