I have a custom font specifically for numbered lists -- it renders the numbers in an enumeration in a nicer way than the standard main font. Once I've loaded the font into a new font family which I call \numfont (using fontspec), I can use it in enumeration like so:

    \item[{\numfont 1}] his
    \item[{\numfont 2}] her

Is there a way to do something similar for the numbers in a linguex example? I would prefer something similar in style to how I did it above, rather than changing the font for the numbers universally. The font I have only draws numbers (not alphabets), so I would prefer to use it only in that case.

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The best way to do this is to patch into the left and right bracket code of the example formatting. I've used \sffamily here in place of your \numfont which you don't define.

\renewcommand{\ExLBr}{(\sffamily} % using \sffamily as an example

\ex. This is an example

\a. This is a subexample.
\b. This is 


output of code

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