I use \textit to italic words. Latex give me this warning.

Font shape T1/lmr/m/scit' undefined (Font) using T1/lmr/m/scsl' instead. LaTeX

After I change \textit to \textsl. The warning is gone. The weird thing is, this warning doesn't occur before I reinstall miktex. Before I use MikTeX 2.9, now I use MikTeX 4.0. But the results just fine, K italic the words.

The only problem is the warning.

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    Always show a full but minimal example so others can know what you're doing. I can only guess: you're attempting to use italics in a small caps context. A lot of fonts do not provide italics small caps and thus it attempts to use something else hence the message. Where exactly do you get thst you're now using miktex 4? – daleif Jul 28 '20 at 5:55

In older LaTeX versions mixing small caps (\scshape, \textsc) and italic (\itshape, \textit) didn't really worked. The commands cancelled each other out, you only got the one or the other:

{\scshape\itshape abc} {\itshape\scshape abc}

gives e.g. in texlive 2018

enter image description here

In newer LaTeX the font handling has been improved here. Now LaTeX tries to combine the two shapes. But lmodern has no small caps + italic shape, so LaTeX falls back to small caps + slanted:

enter image description here

And that is what the message is telling you: that instead of scit (small caps and italic) it will use scsl (small caps and slanted). If this fine for you you can safely ignore the message.

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