Here it is a minimal example of a code which confused me :)




I run it by means of LuaLaTex XeLaTex since I am going to use a georgian font as a main font.

It does not work and I do not understand why.

It seems that \setmainfont does something bad.

The following is an error message I receive:

! No declaration for shape TU/(0)/m/it.
sub@sfcnt ...e forspace shapespace mandatory@arg }
                                              error@fontshape else #1{Fo...

l.16 \chapter

but the code creates title page with \chapter commented out.

enter image description here

The code also work fine with report document class. How to repair the code to use the font which is mentioned in the code with book document class correctly?

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The brackets around the file name are wrong. I don't have your font but try

  • :D Thank you a lot. Your variant works for me now. I was using it in that way (with square brackets) in other document classes some time and it worked well but do not with book document class. Jul 28, 2020 at 15:48

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