I have the following code which outputs one subcaption for each subfigure:

  \subcaptionbox{image 1}%
  \subcaptionbox{image 2}%


  \subcaptionbox{image 3}}%
  \subcaptionbox{image 4}%
  \caption{Four images.}

Is it possible to modify it to have one subcaption for images 1 and 2 and another subcaption for images 3 and 4?

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Yes, just place two images in each \subcaptionbox.

enter image description here

\usepackage[demo]{graphicx} % the demo option replace images with black boxes
  \subcaptionbox{image 1 and 2}%


  \subcaptionbox{image 3 and 4}%
  \caption{Four images.}

I think an easier method is to start a subfigure environment and just put the caption after the first and second image instead of making subcaption box.

        \caption{Image 1 and 2}
        \caption{Image 3 and 4}

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