I am trying to read the size of a PDF file to adjust the size of the next page to the size of the figure. I have had some success, but the figure is still not well adjusted. I could adjust this figure, but I want to automate the adjustment, as I have 150 figures to insert in the file. I also need to add an extra height on the page, to place the caption of the figure. Any suggestion?

    \setbox0 = \hbox{\includegraphics{01.pdf}}
    width = \the\wd0, height = \the\ht0

\eject \pdfpagewidth=\the\wd0 \pdfpageheight=\the\ht0

    \caption{<name picture>}

enter image description here


Here is an attempt using \igrgraph command from incgraph pacakge.

\igrgraph{<text>} automatically typesets <text> in a separate page with height and width the same of <text>, so you don't need to manually change page size.


text on first page
    \captionof{figure}{figure on second page}
text on third page

This generates a three-page pdf, of which the second page is enter image description here



with the help of the answer below:


I write:

    } %-----------------------------------------------------------------------
\measureimage[1]{01.pdf} % measures the 1nd page of the file.
\eject \pdfpagewidth=\measuredwidth \pdfpageheight=\measuredheight

\caption{caption picture}

TO DO: I still have to find out a way to insert a space below the figure to place the caption.

Any suggestions?

enter image description here

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