I am very new to Latex. For some reason the subsection in my document is appearing in italics, both the subsection number and the text. I have been trying to get them to appear in Times New Roman bold. The following command only changes the font of the subsection heading, but not the section number.

\subsection[#1]{\raggedright\normalfont\rm #1}}

No success with using titlesec package or anything else since most of them are changing the placement and subsection number altogether. Could anybody help at all?


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    What document class are you using? It depends on each specific class. – Alan Xiang Jul 31 at 2:53
  • not related, but you should'nt use \rm but \rmfamily to change the family - \rm is not a core latex command and not defined in every class. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 31 at 6:19
  • Hi, thanks. I am using article class. Any help? – Ram Aug 2 at 1:18

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