I would like to obtain the following formatting for a tree with the excellent package forest only. Maybe the example in page 82 of the documentation or this other post could be a starting point.

enter image description here

Here is the code for a horizontal standard tree.




    for tree = {%
        grow'  = 0,
        l      = 2.5cm,
        parent anchor=east,
        s sep  = 1.2cm,

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With plain tikz

enter image description here



\draw[line width=2pt] (0,0)node(a){}--(12,0)node[fill=white](B){B};
\node[fill=white]at ($(a)!0.50!(B)$) (A) {A};
\node[fill=white, below=of A, yshift=-4cm] (F){F};
\draw[line width=2pt] ($(a)!0.10!(B)$) |-(F);
\node[fill=white, below=of B, yshift=-1cm] (C){C};
\draw[line width=2pt] ($(a)!0.60!(B)$) |-(C);
\node[fill=white, right=of C, xshift=2cm] (D){D};
\draw[line width=2pt] (C) --(D);
\node[fill=white, below=of D, yshift=-1cm] (E){E};
\draw[line width=2pt] ($(C)!0.20!(D)$) |-(E);

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    Thanks for this but I really need to do that with forest because this would be a way among another to display probabilistic trees.
    – projetmbc
    Commented Jul 31, 2020 at 14:14

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