This question is similar with the following link : Related, but twosided book and didn't work when i tried: Change position of page number after frontmatter.

My requirements :

  1. Preliminary pages, placed after \frontmatter : lowercase Roman numerals, centered in the bottom of the page. Begin with the number (i) on the second page or second cover (i have 2 covers). (Solved)

  2. Text (Chapter 1-N), placed after \mainmatter : Arabic numerals, upper right-hand corner. (Unsolved)

  3. Invisible page number on each first page of chapter. (Solved)

My attempt for number 2 : i tried to use \pagestyle{headings} under \mainmatter. It works, but the chapter name on the left header annoys me and i want to get rid of it. Then i tried using \pagestyle{plain} to hide that but didn't work (i know this is dumb). My point to this question is only to remove the chapter/section/subsection on the upper left header like this

btw, i'll try to handle number 1&3. Can you help me for number 2 without chapter name on the left header and without ruins everything?

Let me know if my question is unclear. I need this answer. Please help me i beg of you. Thanks in advance.

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