I'm a TeX/LaTeX newbie. I would like to generate a .png using dvipng for the below equation.

$$\eqalignno{\overline {Z_{w,h}^{(LDGM)}} =&\sum\limits _{e=0}^{t} \left [{{ 1}\over { t\choose e}} {\rm coef}\left (\prod _{u=1}^{\infty} (1 + x^{u}y)^{m {\mathtilde {\lambda }}_{u}}, x^{e}y^{w}\right)\right. \cr & \left . \times {\rm coef} \!\left (\prod _{v=1}^{\infty} [f_{-}(x,v)y \!+\! f_{+}(x,v)]^{n {\mathtilde {\rho }}_{v}}, x^{e}y^{h} \!\right)\!\right]\!. \cr &&{\hbox{(3)}}}$$

Please suggest what is wrong with the equation and how to generate a dvi for this.


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The TeX source looks like plain TeX code because of the \eqalignno command. If you just want to fix it, replace the & XML entities with plain & characters. Also, \mathtilde is not available in plain TeX. Thus, you can either use \tilde instead, or define a macro that simply maps \mathtilde to \tilde. The resulting document looks something like this:

   \eqalignno{\overline {Z_{w,h}^{(LDGM)}} =
   & \sum\limits _{e=0}^{t} \left [{{1}\over {t\choose e}} {\rm coef}
     \left(\prod _{u=1}^{\infty} (1 + x^{u}y)^{m {\mathtilde {\lambda }}_{u}},
     x^{e}y^{w}\right)\right. \cr 
   & \left . \times {\rm coef} \! \left(\prod_{v=1}^{\infty} 
     [f_{-}(x,v)y \!+\! f_{+}(x,v)]^{n{\mathtilde{\rho}}_{v}}, 
     x^{e}y^{h} \!\right)\!\right]\!. \cr 
   & \hbox{(3)}}

To get a DVI file, compile it with tex <filename>.

enter image description here

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