Platform: win32; texpath: Processing file MA Report.tex (Modelling and Analysis 1D Report) in directory C:\Users\jyk\Documents\Report latexmk builder latexmk -cd -e -f -pdf -interaction=nonstopmode -synctex=1 "Modelling and Analysis 1D Report.tex" Parsing C:\Users\jyk\Documents\2D\Report.log Could not read log file!

Any suggestion on how to fix this? It's my first time using Latex and Latex in Atom

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    There seems to be something strange with the file name: "MA Report", "Modelling and Analysis 1D Report" (sic), and "Report" are all appearing as possible file names. Could you try renaming to a filename without spaces and see if that works? – Teepeemm Jul 31 at 17:05
  • Heyy, thanks for the help! I did that and it was able to run without any errors. Although, when I tried opening the report.pdf file (pdf-viewer package installed), it returned the error saying Report.pdf files is not a pdf file?? – JK077 Jul 31 at 17:30

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