I'm using the acronym package for my thesis, and I'd like to create the list of acronyms manually to allow for a more sophisticated formatting, namely upper case in list, lower case in document. I've already tried this alternative solution here, but it rendered the commands \Ac, \Acf, etc. (start acronym with capital letter) dysfuntional.

Crucially, I still want acronyms in the text to reference back to the list.

Here´s a first step. Clearly, the backreferencing doesn't work:


\acrodef{AI}{artificial intelligence}

\section*{List of Acronyms}
How to do this manually, and yet enable backreferencing from text?
    \item[AI] Artificial Intelligence

\section{Acronym test}
First mention of acronym: \ac{AI}. Second mention of acronym: \ac{AI}.


I appreciate any ideas on how to create such a custom list. The documentation has not been very helpful.. https://www.texlive.info/CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/acronym/acronym.pdf

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I suggest you moving to the glossaries package as it has the same functionality that you are looking for (and a bit more). You need to include the package as follows:


% Add glossaries
\makeglossaries % <-- This is required to build the glossaries

% 1st param: ID of the acronym
% 2nd param: Actual acronym
% 3rd param: Long version of the acronym
\newacronym{AI}{AI}{artificial intelligence}

\section{Acronym test}
First mention of acronym: \gls{AI}. Second mention of acronym: \gls{AI}. Forced long version of acronym: \acrlong{AI}.

% Acronym list


To compile it run the following commands:

 1. pdflatex document
 2. bibtex document
 3. makeglossaries document
 4. pdflatex document
 5. pdflatex document

Additionally you could also use latexmk

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    Thanks Joan, I'm aware of this and the acro package, which should also do a reasonable job. However, the acronym package came integrated with classicthesis and my thesis is already written. Ideally, I'd like to avoid changing the syntax throughout 300 pages of the book.
    – Chris
    Aug 1, 2020 at 15:29

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