I am creating a LaTeX template to my University's standards. The official OpenType font "UnB Pro" (freely available at http://marca.unb.br/fontesunb.php) has a special glyph to insert the logo. This glyph has no Unicode number (not even in private use area) according to FontForge, but it does have a name, <ass_completa_CONT>. How can I use it in LaTeX?

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\XeTeXglyphindex "ass_completa_CONT" \relax

should expand to the integer glyphid then \XeTeXglyph ⟨glyph slot⟩ should typeset it,


\XeTeXglyph \XeTeXglyphindex "ass_completa_CONT" \relax

Probably works...

  • Works perfectly, thank you! Aug 1, 2020 at 13:00

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