I am using IEEE conference style in latex where the page limit is only 1. I have only one figure that spans two columns, and the text is written in two-column as usual. I used figure*, but that is moving my figure on the next page. Also the package 'cuted' and 'widetext' showing some error and not performing properly in my case. Any suggestions, please?

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As I am quite new to TeX.se myself, I am not entirely sure my suggestion will solve your problem.

You could try the sttools package collection, especially the stfloats-package might be worth a look. The options this solution will give you are still very limited. Your best bet would be placing the image at the bottom of the page (the bp flag after the figure*-environment).


Apparently, the placement of the figure in your source document is important. Placing it higher prevents it from being pushed to the next page.

Here is a Minimal Working Example (MWE):




\caption{Some caption for your image.}

\section{First Section}


\section{Second Section}



Here's what it looks like:

full-width image in a IEEE Conference Paper

I hope this helps.

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