For some reason, using a lettrine with the optional loversize argument at the start of a ParallelLText or ParallelRText in a p-type Parallel environment causes the parallel text to be bottom-aligned on the page when the document is compiled with XeLaTeX:

\usepackage{lipsum} % for filler text generation

        \ParallelLText{\lettrine[loversize=0.2]{1}{}\ \lipsum[5]}
        \ParallelRText{\lettrine[loversize=0.2]{1}{}\ \lipsum[5]}

I've only included one page of the output. The other page is the same.

MWE output; the text is aligned to the bottom of the page instead of the top

This doesn't happen if the loversize parameter is omitted from the lettrine calls. How can I avoid this alignment issue while still adjusting the size of my lettrine? This issue does not seem to happen if I compile using plain LaTeX.

  • It's most likely a bug in XeTeX, you should report it to the developers here : Bug tracker – AndréC Aug 1 at 16:11

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