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Adding vertical space at the start of a page

Basically I am making a title page and I want the title to be in the center of the text

\textwidth = 500pt
\textheight = 700pt
\voffset = -90pt
\oddsidemargin = -10pt


\big {Title Page} 

And no matter how much I change (...pt), it stays the same.

Note that I do not want to change the formatting of my document because I got other pages to deal with too.

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    \vspace is removed at page breaks, and the first page comes, by convention, after a page break. \vspace* isn't removed. However \big doesn't change the font size (and will produce an error). – egreg May 13 '12 at 20:37

Use the starred version \vspace* which also adds space at the start of the page.

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