On page 3/7 fp package documentation we read:

%repeat last test

\ifFPtest ...\else...\fi % repeat last test

I really could not understand this. That is why I wrote a code as below to see what \ifFPtest does:


\FPset\x{-2} %sets x=-2
\FPset\y{3} %sets y=3

\node at ( 0,1) {$x=\x$};
\node at ( 0,2) {\ifFPtest {1}\else{2}\fi };% repeat last test

But got an error: ! Undefined control sequence. l.11 \node at ( 0,2) {\ifFPtest {1}\else{2}\fi };% repeat last test ? Does anyone know what \ifFPtest does and how it works?

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\ifFPtest allows you to use the result of a test later:





some text ...
\ifFPtest yes \else no\fi

some text ...
\ifFPtest yes \else no\fi


Side remark: I wouldn't use tikz and standalone to test such things. Both add layers that can make it difficult to trace code and errors.

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