Is there a Citation Style Language which replicates the style provided by BibTeX when using \bibliographystyle{plain}?

(Note this is not a duplicate of this question which requires German language support.)

  • There is no such thing as a Citation Style Language (.csl) file that works with biblatex. The plain style is not a biblatex, but a BibTeX style. (I'm aware that these two points address different points/questions, but I'm not quite sure how to parse the 'with' in your first sentence: Do you want a CSL to use with biblatex?) – moewe Aug 10 at 17:06
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    Please clarify how your question might be on topic for this site. There is no such thing as a "default" bib style in BibTeX; without a valid \bibliographystyle directive, BibTeX won't even produce a formatted bibliography. BibTeX's plain citation call-out style is numeric. – Mico Aug 10 at 20:48
  • I should probably say that Citation Style Language is generally not on topic here. CSL styles can be requested in the Zotero forum. See github.com/citation-style-language/styles/wiki/… for more instructions. – moewe Aug 11 at 6:12
  • Thanks all: @moewe, no, I am not looking for a CSL to use with biblatex; rather, I'm looking for a CSL that matches the citation style provided by biblatex/bibtex. Per on topic, this issue arises when using pandoc to create LaTeX documents. – user126350 Aug 11 at 14:44
  • The styles produced by biblatex and BibTeX are different (you can't use styles for one for the other) and there are plenty of them out there, so you have to be specific. You say \bibliographystyle{plain} which is a BibTeX style and not a biblatex style, so I'll retag the question. – moewe Aug 11 at 14:52

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