I have created a single file (main.tex) for a letter where I will add other TeX files (letter_1.tex) using \input. The document format is letter (for cover letters).

I would like to reduce the empty space above the starting line of the date.

I searched the forum for similar questions and tried using the \vspace{}, however, when I use \vspace{} I am getting overlaps in my text - specially at the \opening{} section. Kindly guide me to solve the problem.

%Code for the main file







Code for the letter_1.tex file:

XYZ, America %

\opening{Dear ABC}

My letter text here



  • You could make \topmargin more negative, or you could add vertical space to the end of your closing: \closing{Truly, XYZ\vspace*{3in} }. There is probably a better way, however. – Steven B. Segletes Aug 13 at 17:48
  • The \topmargin is working fine for reducing the empty white space on the top. My letter's closing is moving onto the next page, is there any way if I may bring it to the end of the first page? Even when I add 3 to 4 more lines of the text in my letter body, the first page gets the newly added text along with every other thing same. But still the closing gets to the start of the next page. I have checked the \vspace*{} in closing but its not making any difference. – Jack Aug 13 at 19:23

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