Package hyperref Warning: XeTeX driver only supports unicode.
(hyperref)                Enabling option `unicode'.

I'm not sure why hyperref warns me when I have passed unicode option. I know it's pdftitle creating the warning and it can be suppressed by a unicode option before pdftitle in the global option list. But I really hate local options not taking precedence over global ones. I'd like to understand what's happening here and if it's a bug.

I forgot to mention: I'm compiling the file with xelatex.


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It is not really a bug, but history: The default value of unicode is currently false, but with xelatex hyperref had to force the value to true and so issues a warning when it switches it (which happens when it encounters your pdftitle).

The unicode option is unneeded with xelatex (as it is forced anyway), but currently the only way to avoid the warning is to explicitly use unicode before all keys which set text.

We will change the behaviour in the next hyperref version.

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