I have just switched from natbib to biblatex, and I am trying to restore some of the previous layouts. I have this import now:


which gives me the citation style I want. However, for journals the bibliography style changed in an unfortunate way. Before it looked like this:

Charles, D. (1965), ‘Entr’acte: “Formal” or “Informal” Music?’, The Musical Quarterly 51(1), 144–165.

Now it looks like this (I managed to get rid of the "In:"):

Charles, Daniel. “Entr’acte: “Formal” or “Informal” Music?”, The Musical Quarterly 51.1, pp. 144–165.

I would like to keep a few things from the new style, like full first name, but otherwise revert to the natbib style, with date in the front, title in single inverted commas, volume in bold and number parantheses. Like this:

Charles, Daniel (1965), ‘Entr’acte: “Formal” or “Informal” Music?’, The Musical Quarterly 51(1), pp. 144–165.

How would I achieve this?


I managed to get the year in the beginning by using diverging citation and bibliography styles:


I followed the answer to this question. I can use


to make the volume bold and put the number in parentheses. But several macros don't exist here. I had to use \textbf instead of \mkbibbold (unknown macro).

Moreover, I can't disappear the point between volume and number, now it's

Charles, Daniel (1965), “Entr’acte: “Formal” or “Informal” Music?” The Musical Quarterly 51.(1), pp. 144–165.

If I try

  \setunit*{\addcomma\space}% NEW
%  \setunit*{\adddot}% DELETED
  \setunit*{\addcomma\space}% NEW

I get this error:

LaTeX error: \abx@macro@cite:labelyear+extrayear undefined.
  • As \mkbibbold is defined in biblatex v1.7, your version is perhaps outdated, which may also be the reason for other errors.
    – lockstep
    May 15, 2012 at 0:40

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The following was tested using biblatex v1.7 and biber v0.9:








%  \setunit*{\adddot}% DELETED


  author = {Charles, Daniel},
  year = {1965},
  title = {Entr’acte: “Formal” or “Informal” Music?},
  journaltitle = {The Musical Quarterly},
  volume = {51},
  number = {1},
  pages = {144--165},






enter image description here

  • Ok. I will try to see if I can update biblatex on this system. With my current version it doesn't work, unfortunately...
    – Emit Taste
    Jul 5, 2012 at 1:25

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