Supposing to have this MWE,

$a\Bcirc b$, $\blacktriangle, \blacktriangledown$

enter image description here

Is it possible to properly distort black triangles to have a distorted and curved effect on the circumference like the image below?

I.E. Is there any strategy or package to distort the black triangle symbol?

enter image description here

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A first approach with arrows.meta and bending tikz-libraries.

  \draw[line width=1pt](0cm,0cm) circle[radius=\R];
  \draw[line width= 1pt,arrows={-Triangle[line width=0,angle=30:15pt,bend]},shorten >=2pt](0,\R) arc(90:90-25:\R);
  \draw[line width= 1pt,arrows={-Triangle[line width=0,angle=30:15pt,bend]},shorten >=2pt](0,-\R) arc(270:270-25:\R);

enter image description here


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