I'm possibly too lazy to find how to do it without minted, but since I already use minted and I want top keep it's styles it applies to code boxes (like background color, the line break features, typewriter-style/same-width text etc.), I want to do it with minted.

\inputminted requires the language as the first required argument, so I cannot omit it, and pygments does not have a "plain text" style option as it seems, so I cannot use that there.

So when i just want to input a plain-text block with minted (without any syntax-highlighting), how can I do that?

Use case: I could not find a proper syntax highlighting for arbitrary console output (on GitHub you e.g. have console for Markdown.)

I have found this question, but it's not about minted, but getting HTML code or so.


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Oh forget it, there is apparently a "language"/lexer called text. So stupid I could not find it as it is not listed on the pygments home page.

I'll close this as a dupe.

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