I want to include an acronym EPS and a symbol EPS in my acronym and symbol list, respectively. I try to do it as follows:

\newacronym{EPS}{EPS}{Earnings per Share}
\glsxtrnewsymbol[description={Earnings Per Share}]{EPS}{\ensuremath{EPS}}

However, it says that the acronym has already been defined when the compiling process reaches the last line. Is there a way to circumvent this and include the same abbreviation in both lists?

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both the newacronym and the glsxtrnewsymbol in fact define a new glossary entry. You cannot have two entries with the same label.

If I understand your question correctly you want to have an entry that is both an acronym and a symbol. You want that entry to appear in both the acronym list and the symbol list.

The simple solution would be to define them separately: The acronym would be:

\newacronym{EPSac}{EPS}{Earnings per Share}

And the symbol would be

\glsxtrnewsymbol[description={Earnings Per Share}]{EPSsym}{\ensuremath{EPS}}

Or you could define them as one and link them thus:

\newglossaryentry{EPSsymb} {
  description={Earnings Per Share},
\newacronym[see={[Glossary:]{EPSsymb}}]{EPS}{EPS}{Earnings Per Share\glsadd{EPSsym}}

You could use this to define a dual entry, see this page

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