I have a directory structure consisting of a a Main folder in which there are subfolders Chapter1, Chapter2, ...

Each of these subfolders contains a tex file and a number of image files that are to be used in that particular chapter only.

The chapter files are included in a main.tex which resides in the main folder and consists basically of:


I am aware that I can include image files in a chapter.tex by specifying the path relative to the Main folder, e.g. in chapter1.tex I could write:


Is there a way to avoid specifying the folder (or to specify it only once)? I'd rather write:

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    In the svg package documentation is described a \svgpath command. – vi pa Aug 21 at 9:08
  • @vipa True, I can add the location of image directories in main.tex using \svgpath{} and it works. My only issue is that I can't use the same image file name in two different chapters. Is it possible to specify the svgpath specifically for the inputted files only or only alltogether for main.tex? – user1583209 Aug 21 at 21:26
  • I think that is not a good practice having files with the same names. You can create a folder only for the images of your document. – vi pa Aug 22 at 11:55

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