I need to insert this symbol ⵣ in Latex equations. However I couldn't find any font that gives a smooth symbol like in the image below:

enter image description here

How can I get a symbol that looks like the image above and be able to insert it in Latex equations.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Maybe a rotated Pisces symbol (♓︎) from Marvosym? It has variable edge thickness. You can make it a bit more narrow to resemble the Yaz character.

Or otherwise you can try to find a nice Tifinagh font and use that with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. I found a calligraphic font called caligraphie.ttf on http://www.ircam.ma (The Royal Moroccan Institute for Amazigh Culture).


% all engines
Marvosym \verb+\Pisces+ rotated: \rotatebox{90}{\Pisces}

Narrow version: \scalebox{0.7}[1]{\rotatebox{90}{\Pisces}}
% xelatex/lualatex only
Tifinagh font: {\scriptsize\tifinagh ⵣ}


enter image description here

  • Very interesting and truly a good solution.
    – Sebastiano
    Commented Aug 22, 2020 at 15:15
  • 1
    This Tifinagh letter likely won't have math attributes, so it might need to be inserted with \text. If it's to be used frequently, better to create a macro to handle it properly. Commented Aug 22, 2020 at 19:17

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