I have written math-text with following latex code:

    \emph{HPEI} = \{ \mathcal{H}_{1},\mathcal{H}_{2}, ...\mathcal{H}_{i},...  \mathcal{H}_{m}\}.

but the first element of the set looks different as:

enter image description here

How may I represent it as other elements?


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You get a good deal of errors with the code. The problem is that \emph is a text command and cannot be used in math. Besides it is not for typesetting text in italics: its meaning is emphasis.

Use \mathit instead. Besides, don't use align for single equations. A couple of commas were missing and \dots is better than ....



\mathit{HPEI} =


enter image description here

  • I agree with everything you say, but I find myself wondering why we shouldn’t use align for single equations. If I replace equation with align do I not get the same output? There’s even a case for using align and &= for a single equation, so that you can cut/paste equations and things keep working. Aug 23, 2020 at 19:59

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